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"Current thinking on safety management and its principles is based on a number of assumptions. First, accidents are symptoms that the management system is at fault.... Safety should be managed like any other company function. Achievable goals should be set, and a process of planning, organization objective setting, and control should be established to meet those goals." — Occupational Health & Safety, Joseph LaDou, NSC Pub.

Practice quizzes contain questions from this topic. Thirty- and 100-question exams contain questions from multiple topic areas.

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  1. Safety and Health Policies
  2. Sample Safety and Health Program for Small Business
  3. Creating a Safety Culture
  4. Getting Top Management Commitment
  5. Employee Involvement
  6. Safety Responsibility and Accountability: What's the difference?
  7. Elements of Effective Safety Management Systems
  8. More Elements of Effective Safety Management Systems
  9. More Elements of Effective Safety Management Systems
  10. More Elements of Effective Safety Management Systems
  11. What Difference Does It Make?
  12. Top Management Leadership: Showing Your Commitment
  13. Establishing Policy, Goals, and Objectives
  14. Safety Leadership Traits
  15. More Safety Leadership Traits


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