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"A new era in worker safety and health has arrived in the past two decades, and the need for training is being addressed by regulatory and legislative bodies. The responsibility for safety training typically falls under the jurisdiction of the safety and health professional.... Organizations can no longer simply provide a training session, however; the emphasis must be on workers demonstrating satisfactory understanding of how to perform various work procedures..." — Accident Prevention Manual for Business and Industry: Administration and Programs, NSC Pub.

Practice quizzes contain questions from this topic. Thirty- and 100-question exams contain questions from multiple topic areas.

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References & Notes -

  1. Education and Training: What's the Difference
  2. Developing a Safety Training Program
  3. Trainer Roles and Responsibilities
  4. Is Training the Answer?
  5. Determining What Training is Needed
  6. Developing Learning Goals and Objectives
  7. Developing Learning Activities
  8. Conducting the Training
  9. Documenting the Training
  10. Evaluating the Training
  11. Improving the Training
  12. Training Federal Employees
  13. More on Safety and Health Training
  14. Adult Learning Principles
  15. On-The-Job (OJT) Training Program
  16. Effective Communications


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